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Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of moments that take our breath away.


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“The world needs gifts only you can offer.”




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1/12/18 Favorite Cookbooks in 2018


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Go Far1

The message is simple and often times not as easy to put into effective action because Go as Far as You Can really means, Go as Far as You’ll Allow Yourself To.  The root of this allowance is based on 5 important steps – Positive Self-Talk, Focus, Planning, Action, and the Execution.  Here’s an exercise for the week, lets identify a goal.  Under that goal create the following lists specific to your goals, tasks, and action.  



Positive Self-Talk… I feel great… I can do this

Focus… Hit those priorities and get them out of the way

Research… Explore…Discover…Complete

Visualize… Go into ACTION

Action-Plan… GO!   

Execute… DO!                                                                                

Other things to consider: Financial planning, meetings, making it a priority, time management, resources, learning needed skills, remembering that it’s been done before, and make a list of all you’ve done so far that relates to this new goal and its planning.

Blog 11/5/2015

Life is about

Life is about exploring  Life is about choices       Life is about discovering  Life is about learning   Life is about becoming

In what ways do you use all your box of colors?  How does it affect you? How does it affect others?

How do you most want your colors to affect EVERYONE?

With your eyes closed think of your happiest memory, what color(s) most stand out to you?  Maybe this week try something –  take a few minutes a day for the next week and stop, and visualize, that (or those) colors with your eyes closed with some slow deep breathing for 3-10 minutes.  Then take a quick body audit.  How do you feel?

Life is also about balancing.  Use your box of colors to balance out and access happiness.

Motivation – Cause – Reason – Justification – Aspire  =  Purpose

Many of us believe that our dreams are too big and that even our small contributions won’t make a significant difference but nothing could be further from the truth. Take a moment and reflect on the times in life when a simple act of kindness was shown to you –  you never forgot it because it gave you HOPE.  It gave you STRENGTH. It touched your HEART. It then gave you an understanding of the IMPACT you could be giving or withholding.

Yes, when your sincere kindness touches someone else’s life it brings you enjoyment –  that enjoyment is for a reason; pay attention to it.

Action directed with intention can be very powerful and make a strong positive impact on those you make contact with, if you decide it to be so.

It’s important to ask yourself this question – When I look back on my life at 85 what do I want to be known for?  Respected for?  Appreciated for?  How do I want to positively affect my family, my extended family, my friends, my community, and beyond – now and possibly the future generations?  THAT answer is your passion.  THAT answer is your purpose.  Align.

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