Traditional Nutrition: From Weston A. Price to the Blue Zones; Healthy Diets from Around the Globe

What is the healthiest way to eat? In today’s society there is an endless stream of health professionals telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat, but very few of them ever seem to agree with each other! The nutritional minefield that has arisen from significant discrepancies in scientific research can be confusing and frustrating to navigate. Just how do you ‘eat healthily’? Should you be cutting out all carbs, or just some? That’s the strategy employed in Traditional Nutrition. Instead of poring over contradictory evidence and scrutinizing every last study variable, Ben Hirshberg looks instead to history’s healthiest human populations. Through the examination of Weston A. Price’s research and revelations from the Blue Zones, Hirshberg brings a refreshingly open-minded and honest approach to both diet and lifestyle. Going above and beyond a simple focus on diet, other common factors are explored and simple lessons emerge, teaching us how we can increase our health and general wellbeing without searching for superfoods or the latest diet fad. So what’s the answer? The answer, quite simply, is that there is no one diet that is a best-fit for everyone. There is no reason to force yourself to adhere to a strict eating regimen or forgo your favorite foods. The healthiest populations from around the world have great variety in their diets, and this is a fact that should be celebrated. If you want a balanced and thoughtful look at the healthiest groups of people to ever walk the earth while learning how to increase your own health and longevity, crack open a copy of Traditional Nutrition. Plant-based diets that fuel you are the best because it gives you the best.





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